Busy Day!

Well, what a busy day we are in for! Assembly, Body talk, Learn to Swim…and it is a rainy, wintry day here in Blackmans Bay.

I hope everyone had a great weekend.

Here is a Maths problem for you,

Aaron is three times as old as his brother Jared and the total of their age is 20 years. How old is Aaron?

Have a good day,Ms k.



2 thoughts on “Busy Day!

  1. Hello Ms K and class! I found out the answer to this maths problem in the end. I used the guess and check method. I think the answer is that Aaron is 15. If he is 3 times as old as his brother Jared, Jared must be 5. 15+5+20.
    I have added your class to my blogroll. I can see you are already looking like experts in your blogging! Blogging is very fun!

    From a member of the 4-5 Haley team, Joseph at http://bbjoseph.edublogs.org/

  2. Hi Ms.K,
    You went on my blog on August 4, 2011! I’m very sorry that I didn’t get back to you about the white house thing. I’m not a big blogging person and I haven’t been blogging since about the time you blogged me! On your question ” what was it like seeing the white house ” the answer would be: Well it was super cold there, so cold that I started crying when my family and I were there, but the fact that I was actually at the white house was AWESOME! Thanks for asking. The answer for “how many times have you been there” the time that I had been there was my first time and probably my last. It was a great experience but you don’t always get what you want so… And the class “pet” right at the top is cute, and Bamboo… that’s like the cutest name ever! This is a well thought out blog. I love it. If you want to look at my drab blog again go to: christianarocks.edublogs.org.

    Thanks for the comment,
    Ana (Christiana) 🙂

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