Chair Soccer

There is a game we really love to play at school (During Class time of course) it’s called Chair Soccer. To play you will need,

Seven Chairs,

At least 14 people,

A full size court.

As many soccer balls as you like. (We usually use three)

Well you have to kick the balls along and try to get other peoples chairs which they’re  protecting. If  you chair gets hit by the ball, You are then out. It’s simple but fun!

By Will


PROE Strategy

With our chemistry unit (Change Detectives) we have done an experiment on evaporation. Evaporation is where water rises up and turns into moisture or something like that. Our experiment was to find the fastest way to make water evaporate. My group did the microwave which we thought would be the fastest. Turned out it took eight minutes. We put in our science books  PROE Strategy as our title. PROE is a thing that goes like this. P stands for prediction, R stands for Reason of the prediction, O stands for observation and E stands for explain do O and E after the experiment.

By Will